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Born out of the necessity of seeing the disparity of a lack of mentorship and development for Millennials the Executive Millennial Consulting Group was formed.  Many of us on the team are type “A”.  We have held Directorships, VP and various other executive level positions that routinely interact with C-Suiters on a consistent bases.  We are Millennials.  We’ve made mistakes in our own climbs in corporate america.  We understand how we think and interact while those that we have coached, led and reported to have been able to embrace the impact and significance of our Generation.

As Millennials we understand the values set of our Unique group.  Corporate America’s Emerging Leaders are, if not, already Millennials.  What we do is effectively bridge the gap between the “traditional corporate view” and raise the awareness and leadership aptitude of the Millennial to set the conditions for ethical transformational leadership.  This key awareness AWAKENS the LEADER and sets them on a path for intentional people focused leadership.

Now we consult executive teams, University Faculty /staff, students, and high performing teams in how to effectively harness the power of Transformational Leadership. Members of our team have been fortunate to discover the power of owning and operating a successful online and offline business.  We know what works and cannot wait to add value and significance to you and your organization.


Services Provided:

Millennial Advocacy, Engagement and Development

Project Recovery/ Turnaround Consulting 

Digital Marketing Agency

Personal and Professional Development Services and Programs


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