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The Covenant of Leadership: It Works

Many individuals have a tendency to feel that management and leadership are synonymous. I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry to burst your bubble.  One is contracted and the other requires a covenant to be successful.

Management is contracted.  As a manager you are contracted to perform the synchronization of tasks and coordinate the efforts of individuals for a common result. Leadership is defined as a process of “social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common goal”.  In short, Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less – John Maxwell.  Find his Leadership Books Here.


A Covenant is a solemn commitment to a person or Ideal.  Successful leaders connect, inspire, share a vision, develop and empower those that they have a covenant with to lead. There is no going back.  There is no giving up.  A covenant with those you lead is selfless, not contractual.  Usually these leaders give all of themselves.  A contract requires reciprocation from both parties and when either entity isn’t satisfied, the contract is terminated.  As in marriage in the United States, it is far more looked as a contractual agreement versus having a covenant with your spouse. Right, wrong or indifferent this is a contributing factor to a high divorce rate.

As you start to piece together this relationship there is an expectation of Executives to have this relationship with their contracted Managers, you would be mistaken to believe this is common. Great Companies honor and protect this relationship, many small and midsized companies do not do this.  The executives tend to expect middle management to have this level of commitment while they shuffle the managers and teams like a deck of cards usually at the first signs of difficulty.


This is a sad state of affairs when those who cast a vision demonstrate a lack of trust in those t
hat must carry out their vision.  A litmus test for this is when a company’s employees have over an extended period of time provided feedback and solutions to the company’s challenges and their voice falls on deaf ears.  “Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say”- Andy Stanley.  No transformational leader wants to foster this environment.

This environment destroys employee engagement and overall productivity of an organization. Especially those that are in the middle of some culture / or process change.  We solve this by doing what is right.  Taking the extra step to be in covenant with those that you lead.  Do not require your subordinates to do this.  Demonstrate the trust, and commitment you have not only to the vision but to their success and you will be amazed in that giving all you’ve got you will be rewarded with more than you’ve expected.

This journey in leadership is not peaches and crème.  It is daunting and sometimes painful but when you focus on the outcome and not totally on the income you will not only be successful but be significant to your employees but also in your market place.  You’ll have that intangible that your customers can feel, that Je ne sais quoi. It is possible and I can help you get there.  Book a discovery call with me today!


Originally Posted on http://www.executivemillennial.com on 18 Nov 2015


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