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Becoming Great : Change is Uncomfortable, are you Willing to Pay the Price?

Please take a look at this Blog… Amazing Content..

“This Intentionality in becoming instead of pushing for Events is what changes us.  This price is steep but I will guarantee you that this work will push you further than you have ever been in your life.  You will find your personal treasure and be able to model the Leadership Characteristics that you hold near and dear to your heart.  You will find the massive value in others and bring that out of them.  You will become magnetic, you will become new.  You will become that outstanding person you have always been deep down on the inside.  Becoming doesn’t sound so bad now does it?!?”



Source: Becoming Great : Change is Uncomfortable, are you Willing to Pay the Price?


About Leon (Founder, Burks Investment Group and MPM Management)

Nationally Known Project Management Office Startup & Turnaround Expert. John Maxwell certified Speaker, Coach & Trainer, Awakenleaders.com #MillennialExecutive, Millennial Executive Management Consulting


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